Protera FlexBridgeSM

Migration Assessment

Migration Assessment

FlexBridge is a powerful migration tool that streamlines the path to the cloud, SAP HANA orS/4HANA. Built from the ground up by incorporating years of Protera’s migration experience and best practices. 

Protera has automated its SAP migration experiences into a platform and methodology that integrates existing SAP processes and tools.

FlexBridge provides a content rich project management console for end-to-end project visibility that helps take the time, cost and risk out of SAP HANA conversions.

This Assessment Report will identify scenarios in your system that should be simplified,improved or upgraded to facilitate your journey to SAP HANA.

The comprehensive assessment report includes the following sections:

Main Section:

  • Executive Summary
  • Source System Assessment
  • Migration Project Overview
  • Proposed Customer Solution
  • Cost of Migration and Managed Services


  • Benefits of the Cloud
  • Cloud Overview
Assessment Report SAP Migration to HANA

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Accelerate Your Cloud Migration with Protera FlexBridge

Accelerate the success of your cloud migration project, with Protera FlexBridge. Using the expert FlexBridge migration process, Protera customers have experienced a typical reduction in migration cost and time by 45% to 60% versus a traditional approach, primarily due to the migration methodology and automation tools built into Protera FlexBridge. 

Beyond the hard savings Protera FlexBridge offers IT decision makers the assurance that every step of their cloud migration project is fully planned based on SAP recommended best practices and SAP validated tool sets to ensure that the entire migration process is fully documented, from initial migration readiness assessment to post-migration acceptance tests.

One Step SAP HANA Migration

Using smart automation to reduce complexity Protera FlexBridge can perform a HANA conversion in one step including; the DB migration to HANA, the OS migration to Linux, the selective upgrade of SAP Applications to a more recent version, and UNICODE conversion if needed.