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CloudVantage for  Enterprise Optimization & Governance

Protera CloudVantage is a comprehensive management platform combining automation, monitoring, and AI for enterprise workloads on AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud.  

Enabling transparency and peace of mind  

Combining automation, visibility, and comprehensive IT governance in one easy-to-use management platform, Protera CloudVantage enables the best operating experience by eliminating the ‘black-box, monolithic’ management’ of the past.

Taking Enterprise Management to the Next Level

You expect visibility, trust, security, and cost efficiency. Combining Protera’s 25 years of managing SAP and enterprise workloads with our deep hyperscale partner engineering relationships, Protera CloudVantage was built to centralize cloud management tools, processes, and insights with visibility for all stakeholders.  

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Protera Engineering Team 

Our internal teams leverage automation-backed frameworks to discover, configure, and build hundreds of servers with the right standards, compliance, and regulations the first time, every time 
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Client IT Operations 

IT operations and management have on-demand, anytime access to a centralized view of evolving cloud computing environments, including performance  metricsSLAs, change management, and security monitoring.  
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Client Leadership 

Service management and operational insights tailored for leadership clarity for overall system, finance, and security perspective on enterprise workloads in the cloud managed by Protera 

CloudVantage: Elevate Enterprise Cloud Management

Unlock the power of Protera CloudVantage, a cutting-edge platform unifying AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud management. With automation, transparency, and AI, experience optimal enterprise governance, eliminating legacy complexities for unparalleled efficiency and peace of mind.

 Enterprise Operations Management: Simplified 


Consistent delivery methods backed by automated discovery assessment, and deployment of enterprise workloads on the cloud monitored continuously for governance and cost optimization opportunities. 


Day 2 Operations

Full visibility into day-to-day cloud environment and workload operational metrics, change controls, system health and hygiene, including:

  • SAP request catalog, such as refreshes and transports
  • Current patch compliance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Confirmation of successful backup enrollment and status 


Simplified Case, Request, and Change Management

Submit cases and requests through a simplified support catalog.  Review and approve change management requests in a calendar view.  Coalesce ticket updates into a single activity stream.


Valuable CMDB Visualizations & Metrics

Comprehensive list of managed services assets, from virtual machines to applications and network devices. Detailed information includes:

  • Hypervisor CPU/memory utilization 
  • Network throughput 
  • Disk IO OPS 
  • Packet transmission 
  • Patch compliance 
  • Backup compliance 
  • Health scores 


SOC at Your Fingertips

Have full visibility into the management and monitoring of your cloud environment through automated alerts, security events, and vulnerability reports.


AI Driven Continuous Optimization 

Rest assured knowing that AI backed toolsets are built into CloudVantage, providing insights for cost optimization opportunities to drive down cloud spend and maximize performance throughout the lifecycle of your environment. 

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