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20-Minute Webinar Replay

Navigating the Future: IT Leadership in the Era of Carve-Outs and Cloud Transformations

View our 20-minute webcast featuring Airnov President, Matthias Brommer, Airnov Global IT Director, Amy Hasty and Protera CRO, Doug GIlkey,  as we delve into the successful execution of a carve-out project. Discover the milestones, challenges, and the critical support needed for a smooth transition through Airnov's journey.

Key Takeaways

⇨ Strategic Importance: Understand the growing significance of carve-outs in today’s business landscape

⇨ Digital Transformation: Learn the necessity of transitioning IT systems to the cloud for agility and growth

⇨ Project Roadmap: Gain insights from Airnov's experience, from planning to Go Live and beyond

⇨ Vendor Partnership: Discover the value of a trusted IT vendor in navigating carve-out complexities and post go-live enterprise IT evolution

Meet the Experts:
Amy Hasty
Amy Hasty
Global IT Director at Airnov
Matthias Brommer (1)
Matthias Brommer
President at Airnov

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