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The Business Case for RISE with SAP, Private Edition

Operational Excellence, Functional Innovation, and Strategic Insights: Navigating the Multifaceted Advantages of RISE with SAP

Date: May 2, 2024
Networking Lunch:
12:30-1PM ET
1-4PM ET
Happy Hour Event:
Venue: Microsoft Experience Center Atlanta, GA

This event is designed for SAP professionals working on their roadmap to RISE with SAP, focusing on the Private Edition.

It's a chance to hear from experts in various fields – from infrastructure and operations to SAP licensing and strategy for business process enhancements. Walk away with a clear, practical understanding of RISE with SAP, its benefits, and an action plan.

Attendees will learn how to best benefit from RISE with SAP. This is a great opportunity for anyone responsible for planning and executing a RISE with SAP strategy.

See below for agenda.

Four Must-Attend Sessions

RISE with SAP, Private Edition: Strategic Insights
Speaker: Eric Adriansen, Jess Crumbley

The day will start by creating a shared understanding of RISE with SAP, acknowledging various levels of familiarity among attendees. It will then shift focus to the strategic outlook of the offering. We present how RISE with SAP is designed to support cloud adoption and drive technological innovation, reflecting SAP's vision for the future of business technology. This session will provide a comprehensive view of RISE with SAP’s role in digital transformation.


Innovation that drives the business case for running RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure
Mohammed Siddiqui, SAP on Azure Specialist, Microsoft

Explore the strategic benefits of deploying RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure. Understand how Azure's cloud capabilities enhance the functionality and efficiency of RISE with SAP.


Best Practices of Managing the SAP Application with RISE
Jatin Oza, Director Application Managed Services, Protera 

Once the decision has been made to run RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure, focus shifts to transforming and migrating your existing SAP environment. This includes the crucial task of Application Managed Support within the RISE with SAP environment. While Azure covers the infrastructure and SAP manages technical SAP basis, Protera will shed light on the 'white space' –

  • Effective migration and transformation of SAP landscapes and non-SAP systems
  • Management of SAP applications and integrations to non-SAP and SAP applications and data
  • Supporting your relationship with SAP services as Subject Matter Experts. 

A Functional Innovation Business Case for RISE with SAP
Speaker: Alex, Paulus, CNT Management Consulting

In our final session we examine how RISE with SAP acts as a catalyst for consolidating and innovating business processes. This session will highlight:

  • The use of RISE as a platform for streamlining and modernizing operations,
  • Leveraging SAP S/4HANA's capabilities
  • Integrating tools like Signavio for process enhancement
It's about transforming your business through strategic consolidation and innovation with RISE at the core.


Meet the Speakers

Alex Paulus

Alex Paulus
Managing Director, CNT Management Consulting

Jatin headshot updated - circle 500 x 500 px

Jatin Oza
Director, Application Managed Services

Mohammed headshot (2)

Mohammed Siddiqui
SAP on Azure Specialist, Microsoft

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Jesse Crumbley
SAP Cloud ERP Specialist, SAP

Untitled design

Eric Adriansen
SAP Cloud ERP Specialist, SAP

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